Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in and look at the property?

v     The Master Commissioner’s Office does not maintain a key to foreclosed properties.  If you are interested in pursuing the possibility of permission for entry, please contact the Plaintiff’s Attorney listed below the advertisement of the property.

How can I learn more about Master Commissioner Sales?

v     We recommend that you contact a qualified Real Estate Attorney.  The Master Commissioner is an un-bias party to these legal actions.  Neither he nor his staff will be able to provide you legal advice.  We will however explain the statutory rules required in the bidding and purchase of these properties.  For more information regarding the Rules and Requirements, click on the hyperlink titled, “Statutory Rules and Requirements”.

How can I stop my property from being sold by the Master  Commissioner?

v     The Master Commissioner’s Office does not have the authority to cease a sale.  Upon Order by the Court, we immediately move towards scheduling the property to be sold.  We do not cancel the sale unless ordered by the Attorney whom filed the order.  If you are interested in discussing this matter, we recommend that you contact the Plaintiff’s Attorney.

   Can I get a copy of the Appraisal?

v     Please refer to "Scheduled Properties".  The appraisal information will be updated when available to the public.

How can I find out information regarding previously sold Master Commissioner Properties?

v     Upon the sale or withdrawal of property, the Master Commissioner's Office files a Report with the Court which is available to the public.  This information is filed with the Warren Circuit Court.  Please take notice that the Court does not provide information via telephone nor facsimile.

How can I find out which properties are to be sold by the Master Commissioner in the future?

v     Properties are not scheduled for Master Commissioner Sale until Ordered by the Court.  If you are interested in a specific property, you may want to check public records.  The Master Commissioner's Office will update the "Scheduled Properties" when available to the public.


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The information provided herein has been provided to you by the Master Commissioner's Office Staff.  Please be advised that it is not our intent to provide legal advice.  It is highly recommended that you consult an attorney regarding questions.