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Please respect the below rules for the safety of all persons who attend the sale, during the Covid-19 pandemic and until further notice.  
1. If you are unvaccinated, please continue to wear a mask if indoors.  
2.  A bidding group is  a bidder and one person who will sign the bond, such as husband and wife, or bidder and banker etc. 
3. Bidding groups shall stay six feet from each other and the Master Commissioner and staff. 
4. Please bring your own ink pen to sign the check and paperwork.  
5. If you have a fever, dry cough, feel sick or have been exposed to anyone with Covid -19 then send someone else to bid and sign bond.   

September 8, 2021
  CI# Plaintiff  Defendant Address Appraisals
1 19-CI-1412 NEWREZ LLC Ferrill, Maegan 1531 Roger Cole Rd Withdrawn
2 19-CI-885 A Reeves Family Reeves, Steven W. 2015 Barberry Ct.  100.00
3 19-CI-885B Reeves Family Reeves, Steven W. 3249 Cemetery Rd.  40,000.00
4 19-CI-885 C Reeves Family Reeves, Steven W. Girkin Rd., 061A-12  539,000.00
5 19-CI-885D Reeves Family Reeves, Steven W. Memphis Junction Rd., 041B-77  500,000.00
6 19-CI-885E Reeves Family Reeves, Steven W. Robey St. Franklin, 011-00-05-003.00  950,000.00
7 20-CI-785 Bank of Edmonson Co. Bratcher, Michael 176 Hines St.  175,000.00
8 21-CI-712 James Majkowski Majkowski, Mark Valley View Rd., 014A-56  6,500.00
9 17-CI-910 Bank of New York  Bartsch, Elizabeth 721 Morehead Way  160,000.00
10 20-CI-1203 Quicken Loans Unknown Heirs of Michael Louis Bokori 1508 Kirby Ct.  96,500.00

September 8, 2021 Sale Bill
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