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On-Site Sale July 24, 2104 at 3pm
5 Vacant Lots in Hillwood Estates Subdivision

July 24, 2014 On-Site Sale Bill
July 24, 2014 Master Commissioner's Sale
  CI# Plaintiff Defendant Address Appraisals
1 14-CI-555 KHC Bowers, Timothy M. 526 Creekwood Ct. 100,000
2 14-CI-445 JPMorgan Chase Castelli, Thomas G. 385 Easton Circle 90,000
3 13-CI-1562 Nationstar Mortgage Davidson, Elizabeth 344 W. 10th Ave. 30,000
4 13-CI-564 Bayview Loan Ser. Dollin, Aiko 3149 Penns Chapel Rd. Withdrawn
5 14-CI-106 Wells Fargo Bank Ely, Chris 704 Hays Pondsville 60,000 
6 11-CI-844 Bank of America Estate of Epley, Sharon 331 Rolling Dr. 80,000
7 12-CI-1739 Bank of America Glass, Charles M. 668 Pruitt Rd. Withdrawn
8 12-CI-921 Wells Fargo Bank Hammock, James C. 836 Hays Lodge Rd. 89,900 
9 13-CI-272 Old National Bank Hester, Anthony D. 410 Plano Richpond Rd. 80,000
10 12-CI-111 Bank of New York Matlock, Kenneth  160 Skees Rd. 110,000 
11 13-CI-1450 Citimortgage Inc. May, Amanda H. 1619 Calgary Way 120,000
12 13-CI-1374 Gree Tree Service Miller, Roy J. 1715 Mayme Ct. 340,000
13 10-CI-1002 BAC home Loans Park, Sung Woo 265 Dye Ford Withdrawn 
14 13-CI-546 Wells Fargo Bank Quast, Paul E. 648 Denali St. 115,000 
15 13-CI-1223 Cenlar FSB Redford, Sara 459 Proctor Trail Withdrawn 
16 11-CI-1665 Tax Ease Lien Smith, Joyce 607 Mitchell Court 55,000 
17 14-CI-85 JPMorgan Chase Smith, Richard W. 1646 Sioux Way 95,000
18  14-CI-203 The First St. Bank Spear, Donald R. 178 Fisher Lane 310,000
19 13-CI-1354 Wells Fargo Bank Watts, James E. 1465 Fairview Boiling Withdrawn 
20 11-CI-597 Tax Ease Lien Thomas, Joy D. 639 Park St. 24,500 
21 14-CI-127 FNMA White, Shelley A. 2394 Penns Chapel Rd. Withdrawn
22 13-CI-134 U.S.Bank Young, Phillip 148 Jason Dr. Withdrawn

July 24, 2014 Sale Bill
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