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February 12, 2020

  CI# Plaintiff  Defendant Address Appraisals
1 19-CI-1473 South Central Bank, Inc. Clark, Wyatt 312 Collett Rd.   Withdrawn
2 19-CI-397 Wilmington Savings Fund Woods, Kenny 8505 Old Greenhill Rd.  Withdrawn
3 19-CI-1147 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Booker, Bradley 641 Lewis Road  130,000.00
4 19-CI-1270 KY Housing Corp. Heflin, Adam 410 Fairbanks Ave  143,000.00
5 19-CI-909 WEI Mortgage LLC Ely, Robert J. 3723 Sunnyside Gott  Withdrawn
6 19-CI-1316-A Monticello Banking Co. Legacy Built Homes 826 Mt. Rainer Dr.  300,000.00
7 19-CI-1316-B Monticello Banking Co. Legacy Built Homes 532 Dunbarton Ave.  275,000.00
8 19-CI-1316-C Monticello Banking Co. Legacy Built Homes 452 Upper Ridge Ct.  150,000.00
9 19-CI-1316-D Monticello Banking Co. Legacy Built Homes 451 Upper Ridge Ct.   170,000.00
10 19-CI-1316-E Monticello Banking Co. Legacy Built Homes 464 Upper Ridge Ct.  170,000.00
11 19-CI-1048 Habitat for Humanity Brannon, Alicia 131 W. 11th Ave.  50,000.00
12 19-CI-802 Mid America Mortgage,Inc Margenthaler, John 117 W. Riverview Dr.  Withdrawn
13 19-CI-846 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Taylor, George  340 Sweeney Ln.  80,000.00
14 19-CI-954 PennyMac Loan Thomas, Robert, E. 1055 Castle Heights Rd.
15 19-CI-683 JPMorgan Chase Phelps, Joshua E. 13797 Morgantown Rd. Withdrawn

February 12, 2020 Sale Bill
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