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Master Commissioner's Sale
August 21, 2019 at 5pm

  CI# Plaintiff  Defendant Address Appraisals
1 18-CI-1274 Pingora Loan Service Burke, Jessica 231 Anders Dr.  150,000.00
2 19-CI-541 U.S. Bank  Cherry, Daniel B. 1639 Richardsville Rd  50,000.00
3 18-CI-1399 Wells Fargo Bank Crain, Matthew 3345 Garrett Hollow Rd.  85,000.00
4 14-CI-751 U.S. Bank  Davenport, Jonas G. 730 Hammett Hill Rd.  118,000.00
5 19-CI-142 Nationstar Mortgage Dreadin, Timothy J. 196 Cumberland Circle  140,000.00
6 18-CI-1673 Cy-CO- Land Holding Hightower, Huey Hammett Hill Rd. 027B-50D  15,000.00
7 18-CI-1534 JPMorgan Chase Miller, John E. 940 Cave Mill Rd.  220,000.00
8 19-CI-377 KY Housing Corp. Pike, Peter 3274 Sunnyside Gott Rd.   85,000.00
9 19-CI-231 Pennymac Loan Ser. Ray, Betty Lou 407 W. 10th Ave.  42,500.00
10 19-CI-375 Citizens Bank, N.A. Schardein, Jill M. 127 Washington Ave.  260,000.00
11 19-CI-118 Nationstar Mortgage Schlemmer, Reginald 524 Dennis Way


12 19-CI-524 U.S. Bank  Ward, Kelley 644 Maple Ridge St.  Withdrawn
13 17-CI-1148 U.S. Bank  Willis, Willard 1605 Oakland Flatrock  47,000.00

August 21, 2019 Sale Bill
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