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January 18, 2017 at 5pm
  CI# Plaintiff  Defendant Address Appraisals
1 14-CI-1458 Green Tree Ser. Banter, Harold Jr. 4367 Bristow Rd.  175,000.00
2 15-CI-291 U.S.Bank, N.A. Craddock, James R. 110 Creekwood Ave.  177,000.00
3 15-CI-761 Wells Fargo Bank Eades,Silvas D. 8113 Plano Rd.  Withdrawn
4 16-CI-879 Specialized Loan Faxon, Julie B. 1742 Karen Circle  Withdrawn
5 12-CI-1739 Bank of America Glass, Charles M. 668 Pruitt Road  55,000.00
6 16-CI-17 PennyMac Loan Graves, Gabriel 8679 Woodburn Allen Withdrawn
7 15-CI-119 Carrington Mort. Graves, Terry 229 Woodburn Allen Springs Withdrawn
8 13-CI-811 PHH Mort.Corp Harper, Joseph M. 1530 Detour Rd.  95,000.00
9 16-CI-322 JPMorgan Chase Kennon, Gary N. 2220 Girkin Rd.  105,000.00
10 16-CI-819 Residental Mort. McDaniel, Amy 954 Aristides Dr.    160,000.00
11 16-CI-589 Wells Fargo Bank Moore, James 335 Coonhunters Rd. Withdrawn
12 16-CI-813 U.S.Bank, N.A. Sears, Larry D. 1405 Longview Dr.  65,000.00
13 13-CI-1277 Caliber Home Loans Sparks, David T. 2512 Thompson Dr.  134,000.00
14 16-CI-857 U.S.Bank, N.A. Wells, Timothy 2974 Plum Springs Rd  95,000.00

January 18, 2017 Sale Bill
February 4, 2017 at 10 am
Held off-site at 11890 Nashville Rd. at Crossroads Market Bldg., Woodburn, KY

4540 Petros Road
February 4, 2017 On-site Sale Bill
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