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Febuary 25, 2016 at 5pm
  CI# Plaintiff  Defendant Address Appraisals
1 12-CI-1751 Wilmington Savings  Barlow, Wanda 1295 Moorman Dr.  
2 15-CI-488 Wells Fargo Bank Cossel, Jedadiah 1327 Salem Circle  
3 15-CI-864 South Central Bank Fulcher, Charles 222 Moonlite Ave.  
4 15-CI-934 Beneficial KY Inc. Goodman, Elisha 6904 Barren River  
5 15-CI-459 PNC Bank Gray, John R. 1128 Lee Dr. N  
6 15-CI-1034 Kentucky Housing Green, Joseph 500 Murphy Drive  
7 12-CI-921 Wells Fargo Bank Hammock,James C. 836 Hays Lodge Rd.  
8 15-CI-82 Nationstar Mortgage Jennings, Brandon 1424 Trillium Lane  
9 15-CI-740 Wells Fargo Bank Jones,Duane 925 Bristow Rd  
10 15-CI-174 Wells Fargo Bank Mitchell, Lance 5139 Westgate Dr.  
11 14-CI-957 Green Tree Service Moore, Billie D. 411 Glen Lily Rd.  
12 14-CI-166 Beneficial KY Moore, John E. 621 Little Knob Rd.  
13 15-CI-1008 Kentucky Housing Paille, Nathan 1241 Browning Rd.  
14 15-CI-1319 Nationstar Mortgage Pedigo, Timothy S. 121 Devin Close Ct.  Withdrawn
15 15-CI-385 Wells Fargo Bank Phelps, Benjamin K. 252 Rosie St.  
16 15-CI-1254 US Bank Mujkic, Dzemil 1400 Lynhurst Dr.  Withdrawn
17 15-CI-691 Wells Fargo Bank Taylor, Kevin W. 1465 Prices Chapel Rd.  
18 14-CI-114 Green Tree Turner, H.Kathryn 9090 Nashville Rd.  
19 15-CI-543 Wells Fargo Bank Vujnovic, Goran 921 Hidden Creek  
20 15-CI-999 Ron Bolin Whitaker, Kevin 678 Slim Island Rd.  
21 14-CI-759 JPMorgan Chase Bank Wims, Robert 1565 Collegeview Dr.  

February 25, 2016 Sale Bill
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